Wall Street has done the most to normalize Trump

From the Guardian here:

A member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir says she has resigned from the famed group over its decision to perform at next month’s inauguration of Donald Trump, a performance she said would be an endorsement of “tyranny and fascism”.

Well, 2-4 years from now as Trump’s world blossoms into who the hell knows what we can with certainty look back at this time between his election and his taking office and see that  Wall Street gave the biggest green light of all.

Nobody protested, nobody said anything critical (Soros threw a crumb) and everybody down there sees the money to be made and they just hopped on the bandwagon.

Many in the media talk about the danger of normalizing Trump and his ill ideas (not all of them are ill but his basket is somewhat full) but they surely don’t write about a huge stock market bounce after Trump’s win (despite predictions of the opposite) has greased the chute.



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