Still no acknowledgment by idiot Democratic Party

From the Guardian here:

The populism ascendant today is a rebellion against establishment parties generally, but centre-left parties have suffered the greatest casualties. This is mainly their own fault. In the US, the Democratic party has embraced a technocratic liberalism more congenial to the professional classes than to the blue-collar and middle-class voters who once constituted its base. A similar predicament faces the Labour party.

What is scariest about the Democratic Party is their lack of connection to reality.  They’re more than willing to blame the FBI and the Russians instead of looking in the mirror.

How can you say Donald Trump’s victory has nothing to do with disappointment in how Obama has conducted economic policy?

Everybody is so deferential to Obama and his personality but if he had come through for a wider swath of society people would have welcomed Hillary with open arms.

But he didn’t deliver and they did not want to continue down that road with her.

And I still have not heard more than a passing reference from the Democrats that they understand this.



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