Funny to see how f*cked Republicans are on Obamacare

From here:

…they’re hoping that the mere passage of a repeal plan will cause insurers to abandon the exchanges and destroy Obamacare without any Republican fingerprints on it. But that’s dangerous. It could leave a lot of registered voters completely uncovered until the replacement plan passes. Even worse, there’s a chance this could destroy the entire individual health insurance market, not just Obamacare. That would earn them the ire of the insurance industry, the health care industry, and plenty of Republican voters.

As we’ve said a million times before Obamacare is a Republican for profit vision of healthcare.

And most everybody sees that it has serious flaws because of the for profit component of the law.

The part of Obamacare that works best is the government run expansion of Medicaid, but Fucker Paul Ryan and his posse are so obsessed with free market bullshit they’re not going to improve Obamacare by further expanding Medicaid.

The odds that these assholes can make the health care exchanges more free market oriented AND better for Americans are extremely slim.  But their fallback is to resort to propaganda and try to convince Americans that fucking them over is going to make them healthier and better off.

That’s Fucker Paul Ryan’s main goal in life.


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