Remember blind trust of the CIA before?

Trump is an asshole, but are all Americans so sure of CIA and NSA competence that you can believe them without proof?

Wasn’t there a slam dunk about Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction?  I just heard a radio story with Saddam’s lead investigator who said Saddam was primarily working on a novel when the U.S. invaded Iraq.  Could they have gotten this any more wrong than they did?

And for those who don’t know semi-recent history the FBI and the President have often sparred for political reasons.  During Watergate Deep Throat was an FBI agent working to bring down the Nixon White House.  There are politics involved here.

As for our favorite techno-liars at the NSA name one thing that Snowden revealed that turned out not to be true, and then name one thing the head of the NSA said that was true.  Enough said.

These are proven liars — me personally, I don’t give a shit about Russian hacking.  It’s your job to protect yourself, not to blame Putin.  The people in charge should be competent and be competent regarding their email and their data tight.  Otherwise you shouldn’t be in charge.

Assange wanted revenge against Hillary Clinton for putting him in a cage in London.  He got his revenge and maybe the Russians helped.  Maybe she should have thought twice about what she was doing to him before she did it because now she’s walking in the woods near her house in Westchester county and not getting ready to be President.

Karma is a bitch.


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