Ah, the Obama-Trump continuum!

From Ian Welsh here:

The reason your economy is so bad is because bankers were immunized and bailed out, staying in charge of your economy when they are incompetent crooks and ordinary people were not bailed out.

Not coincidentally, minus not bailing out ordinary people, Trump does not win election in 2016.  (He also wouldn’t have won if Obamacare was not so flawed, but that’s another post.)

It’s my theory that Trump released the anger created by the financial crisis.  Of course, he’s a bullshit artist and at the same time he capitalized on that anger he has promised to blow a big fat stock bubble for those very same assholes who crashed the economy in 2008.

If Obama had put bankers in jail and if Obamacare had been crafted better (with a public option) you would be looking at President Clinton right now.



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