Mitch McConnell would rather play with his shrivelled nutsack than confirm ethical cabinet posts!

From CBS News here:

McConnell said that, just as the Senate did for Mr. Obama’s nominees in 2009, he expects to have seven of Mr. Trump’s nominees confirmed the same day he is inaugurated.

McConnell’s comments come after the Office of Government Ethics expressed concern about the confirmation timeline in a letter to Democratic senators on Friday, saying that several of Mr. Trump’s nominees still have not been fully vetted. In the case of some of his nominees — such as ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson — the individuals’ vast financial and business holdings contribute to the need for more time to review everything. Democrats have called for more disclosure from the nominees, including tax returns.

First off, I can’t believe nobody else wails on McConnell for striking a strong resemblance to a turtle.

I think he gets off a little easy because he’s an old school, redneck, turtle looking motherfucker, but he’s a piece of shit, no doubt.  As corrupt as the day is long.  He won’t even recuse himself from the Senate confirmation of his wife.  That’s super ethical.

I guess coochie is thicker than water.


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