GOP to replace Obamacare with hot air and bullshit?

From NBC News here:

Trump would like Obamacare repealed within days and contended that “the replace will be very quickly or simultaneously, very shortly thereafter,” he told the New York Times in an interview Tuesday. “Long to me would be weeks,” Trump added.

The HMS Trump Clownshow kicks off with one of the biggest klusterfucks possible.

Most people who have Obamacare and want it changed want it moved to the left to less corporate care and more government care.  Somehow asshole Republicans have put that in their magic bullshit machine and come up with, well nobody fucking knows.

So the Giant Orange Penis wants a replacement in a month and there is no replacement.  Not a sketch, not a rebranding, not a box of fucking band aids.  How do you take a Republican plan from the back in the day that doesn’t work great and make it more Republican and have it work much better?  Hell if I know and they don’t know either!

I guess this is how you make America great again when you have a bullshit artist in the White House and a Republican Congress that has the integrity of a crusty pubic hair.

Kick back and enjoy the show!


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