Obama’s great accomplishment!

Somehow with is rhetorical strengths and his physical appearance and making it a priority Barack Obama somehow convinced millions of Americans that he is a moral force that was forced to play politics in a dirty system.  Somehow he place himself above it and held himself there.

If you look at his policy decisions (and not speeches) Barack Obama is most definitely a politician and an average to above average one.  That’s my guess when history takes a clear eyed look at him after he exits the stage.

A muddled health care plan without a public option, a half baked Wall Street reform bill, drones, blah blah blah — the morality never made it down to his decisions.

Health care is a human right and it shouldn’t be apportioned out in brackets depending on your income.  That doesn’t sound democratic at all.

Bailing out fraudulent bankers — not moral and it brought him endless pain as the Tea Party rose up in the wake of the financial crisis.

Somehow he managed to enthrall millions of people who wanted to keep him there as their moral gatekeeper.

It is a truly great political accomplishment to convince people you are a moral person while you take morally dubious decisions on a day to day basis.


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