Davos finale session: Fiddle while Rome burns!

From Bloomberg here:

This year’s conference agenda makes clear the degree of anxiety. Sessions include a panel of psychology experts offering thoughts on “cultivating appropriate emotions in a time of nationalist populism.” Another, titled “Squeezed and Angry: How to Fix the Middle Class Crisis,” will star International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde alongside hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio. Separately, Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg and Meg Whitman, chief executive officer of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, will try to stoke optimism in a chat about shaping “a positive narrative for the global community.”

Davos is a conference for rich and powerful and clueless fucks that meets in Switzerland.  They all meet and drink (and probably fornicate) in an effort to make it seem like they know what they’re talking about.

To see that a hedge fund billionaire is giving a panel called ‘how to fix the middle class’ is just delicious.  It doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to propaganda.

Unless, of course, you prefer your horseshit to be New Age and in that case you can attend Lady Facebook’s session shaping ‘a positive narrative for the global community.’

It will focus on building a high tech safe room so you survive when the peasants come and burn your house down as well as instructions for simple cake recipes.  We’re well into the ‘let them eat cake’ phase of our civilization.


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