This toxic hump Rep. Steve King of Iowa needs a f*cking dirt nap

From here:

Asshole excerpt 1:

KING: I would argue there is no constitutional – you have no right to a health insurance policy. Whatever our hearts tell us, we can provide those things, but there’s not a right to them.

Okay, how about fuck you?  Who gives a flying fuck what’s in a piece of paper that was written 200+ years ago in a completely different society?  You use this as some sort of Bible that will dictate your actions.  You employing the logic of a fucking two year old.  There’s nothing in the Constitution saying you can read all my email and get all up in my business but that hasn’t stopped the Spooks from doing it.  That’s not in the Constitution!  That’s not in the Constitution!  We can only do things that is says can be done in the Constitution!  Hey, that’s not working for me, they’re still reading my email!

Asshole excerpt 2:

King: The roughly 9.2 million people that are insured under Obamacare that would presumably lose their insurance if it were repealed – they’re living under a subsidized premium, and that subsidized premium is paid for almost a hundred percent by the taxpayers.

You know I don’t really enjoy the flying death robots and those are 100 percent subsidized by taxpayers.  I’m not into that shit and I don’t want to pay for melting cars and blowing up weddings.  Now if somebody wants to call a drone strike on Rep Steve King’s house and blow up him and his family I’ll subsidize that.  So let’s not get into all the shit that is subsidized by American taxpayers but then single out health care as the one thing where your defending the American taxpayer and watching out for his her tax dollars.



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