America’s toxic combo of overkill and squashing dissent!

From the Daily Beast here:

The North Dakota Army National Guard has deployed two surface-to-air missile-launchers near a critical work site for the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, or DAPL.

Protestors spotted one of the Avenger missile systems on Jan. 16 and posted photos and videos on Facebook. “Anti-drone missile system confirmed on top of a hill guarding the DAPL drill pad,” Jon Ziegler, a self-described “citizen journalist,” wrote on Facebook.

I did not know the Native Americans leading the DAPL protest possessed armed drones.  Drones seem so ‘Anglo’.

This would be funny if it were a movie, but it’s not a movie and pro-pipeline dicknuts are most likely pissed and thought a surface to air missile unit made a statement about how manly they are.

Fucking bullethead motherfuckers.


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