This Betsy DeVos creature/Trump-a-lumpa is a real ‘let them eat cake’ kinda gal!

From the Intercept here:

BETSY DEVOS, THE right-wing activist who the Trump administration has nominated to lead the Department of Education, criticized Bernie Sanders’s plan to offer tuition-free education at public colleges and universities during her Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday.

“Senator I think that’s a really interesting idea,” she said when asked by Sanders about his plan. “And it’s really great to consider and think about, but I think we also have to consider the fact that there’s nothing in life that’s truly free, somebody’s going to pay for it.

Well, well, well, here we have this bullshit.  I love this one, this is the siren call of the upper crust of douchebags.

Where would Mrs. DeVos’ vast fortune be without the free bailout of her stock portfolio that came to her in 2008?  That’s right, that’s looking like a giant freebie for her and her kind.  This may be yet another case of my freebies count more than your freebies.

I guess the real lesson is, once again, that she wants to be the one to decide who pays for what so she’s happy for her free stock portfolio bailout but she’s not happy to extend tuition-free college.

We can only hope some grave illness befalls this horrible witch.



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