Trump-a-lumpa Mnuchin is an lying, ill bitch c*cksucker

Read the Intercept article over here.

This punkass has a lot of balls showing up for a Congressional hearing and disavowing all the bullshit.  It was clearly built into the operating style of his foreclosure machine to employ Wall Street financial paperwork asshole-ry as well as telling people things that weren’t true to get homeowners to trigger their own foreclosure.

Of course, this Wall Street behavior is finely honed over time and they know how to do things and conduct their financial behavior so they can step back and disavow their own behavior — oh, you don’t have that in writing, if somebody told you that that was a mistake I don’t know what to tell you.

This is the kind of shit that deserves a dirt nap.  Read the article and see how this asshole’s bank put people in economically stressed out situations into worse situations with the way they treated them.  Treated them not as in how nice they were to them but how they conducted themselves

I know this guy was a big fundraiser for El Trump-o but he’s a piece of shit and he should be fucking waterboarded.

Check out this excerpt:

In the hearing room, Heather McCreary sat next to Colleen Ison-Hodroff, an 84-year-old widow from Minneapolis asked by OneWest to pay off the full balance due on her residence a few days after her husband’s funeral. Ison-Hodroff said OneWest could kick her out of her home of 54 years at any time.

A few days after her husband’s funeral?  Nice.


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