There are plenty of fascists out there to fight, don’t just focus on Trump!

If folks are wondering what they can do to make our society better for all in the wake of the massive marches, people should look at who they’re doing business with and the ethics of those companies.

Mark Zuckerberg is fascistically suing Hawaiian families that have a common land sharing agreement.  He is suing them so he can have privacy on his 700 acre Hawaiian estate.  Isn’t a little fascistic for one of the wealthiest people in the world to legally end a land sharing practice that has been going on for generations??

Are you on Facebook?  Maybe you should stop being on Facebook or write an email to Facebook about how distressing you find this situation.

You see my point, there are a lot of fascists out there but if you’re going to have to surrender some of your conveniences and pleasures to make your point.


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