Post-Obamacare healthcare meets Republican post-truth horseshit

Senator Fuckface Orrin Hatch From Bloomberg here:

“We’ve got to find some way of delivering all these health-care benefits to people without totally ruining the country so nobody gets any benefits, which is where we’re headed,” Hatch said. “If we keep going the way we’re going, there won’t be health care for anybody. We won’t be able to afford it.”

Wow.  Is he saying that Obamacare is bankrupting America because it looks that way?  It’s also completely fucking false.   I have never seen any report by anybody saying that Obamacare is bankrupting America.  Never as in you’re fucking lying.

What is bankrupting America is the $14 trillion spent by our asshole politicians to fight wars over the past 30 years.

Let’s start there.  And one last thing.  If you get something awful and contagious after these pricks take your healthcare away go to Orrin Hatch’s house and maybe his wife will catch it and die.

And then maybe he wouldn’t be such a prick.



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