Still trying to hand some karma to neoliberal Democrats!

From Ian Welsh’s blog here:

When the “decent” people like Obama and Clinton and Bush (who liberals are now saying was actually pretty good) don’t do the right thing, and lie about what matters most, they open an opportunity for demagogues. Now they have one and squeal, but it is what their actions and words earned.

The ban of Muslims from seven countries, currently stayed, is something I think was a bad idea and which has hurt people. However, it was not more evil, say, than what the US did to Libya under Obama, which occasioned far less outcry.


Somehow Obama got out of town without ever acknowledging his contribution to Trump’s rise.  He didn’t do it all by himself but his dumbass economic policies were most definitely a driver.

There’s no comeback for the Democrats until they realize how they left the door open to let the this big orange idiot into the White House.



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