This is classic Goldman Sachs bullshit

From Truthout here:

For example, he’s now asking the Labor Department to scrap the so-called fiduciary rule, which requires investors who manage retirement accounts to act in the best interest of their investors — not Wall Street.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Not for the banksters.

They hate the fiduciary rule because it prevents them from ripping people off – and they’ve spent millions lobbying against it over the past few years.

As Trump administration Economic Advisor and former Goldmans Sachs second-in-command Gary Cohn told the Wall Street Journal, “[the fiduciary rule] is like putting only healthy food on the menu, because unhealthy food tastes good but you still shouldn’t eat it because you might die younger.”

The question here is whether Goldman Sachs comes up with these folksy ways of getting laws that allow them to fuck people over in house or if they pay some consultants to come up with these extremely effective nuggets of propaganda.

Because ripping old people out of their savings is not the same as a senior citizen having a large French fries at McDonalds.

But equating french fries with getting your clocked clean by Goldman Sachs investment vampires is fucking brilliant.


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