Unexpected trends that will make Trump’s reign harder

  • A lot of Democratic voters are really upset about how Republicans treated Obama so there is a bit of payback going on here.  #obstruction  My instinct says there’s definitely a role to be played by Democrats letting pig ass Republicans push them around so that’s part of the equation.
  • As many of my friends have noted Democratic politicians have been forced to oppose Trump.  I went to the anti-Schumer rally a couple of weeks ago and there were a lot of pissed off people there.  I’m sure Schumer had someone at the protest taking the temperature and he pivoted pronto.  This is unexpected as Democrats had talked about cooperating with Trump in certain areas before he took office.
  •  There is no September 11 to invoke to cajole Americans into accepting unacceptable things.  The political luster of September 11 is gone.
  • Trump acts with no respect so he’s not getting much in return when it comes to protests.  No benefit of the doubt, just be a dick like him.  His asshole behavior is begetting asshole behavior.

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