This is old white man, out of touch billionaire bullshit!

From CNBC here:

Billionaire Charlie Munger, one of the most celebrated investors in the world and an essential partner in Warren Buffett’s success, shared his views on President Donald Trump at the annual meeting of the Daily Journal, a publishing company where he is chairman.

“I always try and think about the good [along with what’s] not good. I think some of this stuff where they’re re-examining options about the whole tax system of the country, I think that is a very constructive thing,” the Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman said.

President Trump “is not wrong on everything. Just because he isn’t like us, roll with it. And if there is a little danger, what the hell, you’re not going to live forever anyway.

Translation:  Trump is gonna make money and some people die I can live with that!

Let’s hope this old fart keels over pronto, what a callous out of touch piece of shit.


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