Tump’s sleight of hand!

From Naked Capitalism:

The real challenge in promoting less inequality is to increase the share of GDP going to labor. Almost certainly, for any given increase in their share of GDP there must be a decline in the share going to corporate profits. How does the program of the new strong leader stack up on this one?

This is why I constantly say we are not all on the same side.

The trick to American politics since Reagan is to tell voters that if you make the rich richer you will somehow magically improve your life.

But as this quote points out, money goes to people (labor) or to corporations.  Somebody gets the money and the other party involved does not.  hence the built in conflict.

Trump has, like politicians before him, has tried the old trick.  Make corporations more profitable and everyone will benefit.

It is a sentiment as addictive as opioids and as good for normal people as opioids have proven to be (not).


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