Is anyone else annoyed by Zuckerberg’s messianic PR bullshit?

From the Daily Beast here:

Facebook creator and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday posted a lengthy note rebuking the isolationist “America First” sentiment, and touted the merits of globalization and a “global community” working for innovation and progress. Discouraged by the underlying suspicion of foreign entities, as seen during the 2016 election and the rise of President Trump, Zuckerberg wrote that he wants to refocus Facebook on helping people come together across borders. “We have to build a global community that works for everyone. I really don’t have much doubt that this is the right direction to go in the long term.”

How do we know this is a total crock of shit?  Zuckerberg’s recent imperial lawsuits in Hawaii would be a great example.

Zuckerberg announced how much he loved the community and then he proceed to file lawsuits to kick people off the chunk of land he had just purchased.

Wow, what a sense of community, I’m quite impressed with how his actions are so different from his words.

Mark Zuckerberg is a business man pretending to be otherwise.  Mark Zuckerberg cares about his company and he cares about protecting its (shitty) reputation.  I think Zuckerberg is motivated to engage in this sort of bullshit because deep down he knows he has not accomplished what he thinks he has accomplished and he’s trying to put lipstick on his pig.


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