Republicans ‘idealistic’ vision for health care!

Sub headline from the Guardian here:

As Republicans struggle to unify around a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, insurance executives appear to have found a friendly ear for their demands

Excerpt 2:

Proposed changes would shorten the window to enroll in coverage from three months to six weeks, increase out-of-pocket costs to consumers and give regulatory authority for health plans to states – all proposals that insurance companies have called for since Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Oh yeah, this is going to solve everybody’s problems with Obamacare.  Take a liberal Republican healthcare plan that provides somewhat spotty for profit insurance and replace it with a piece of shit that gives even less.

This is the miracle of the Republican party state of mind.  They are so good at seeing dissatisfaction, capitalizing on it at the voting booth and then going on to completely bend that dissatisfaction to their ideology.

Yes, people want more expensive health care and they want less health care!


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