More on Zuckie’s PR manifesto!

From here:

The manifesto contains one important admission from Zuckerberg (Facebook is vastly influential), but lacks a corresponding truth (that power is what makes people skeptical of Facebook). In fact, what Zuckerberg has done is provide an inadvertent argument for the decentralization of the internet — small groups and communities with the ability to access a larger global network when necessary. The idea of a global communication network is very popular already: It’s called the internet.

Zuckerberg is employing a classic neoliberal dream in his latest faux ideological essay about how Facebook is going to save the world (the more important question might be how to save the world from Facebook).

The central question is how can Zuckerberg’s Facebook, a massive advertising and spying platform save the world while it continues to be a massive advertising company.

A classic wanting your cake and eating it too.


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