Why Gay Nazi Milo is so great for Republican scumbags

From here:

So Wilmore, seemingly aware of Yiannapoulos’s faulty logic, responded, “This is what I said: [it’s] the same argument we used against gay people. You should do your homework. Homosexuality was called a ‘disorder.’ It was [called] a ‘psychological disorder.’”

“Maybe it is. I feel really disordered,” replied Milo, trolling Wilmore.

“Maybe you are, but most homosexuals are not,” offered Wilmore.

“No, I think most gays have a long road, actually, to coming to terms with their sexuality,” countered Yiannopoulos.

A gay, racist fuckface that is anti-gay and anti-trans is a gold mine for Republican dickwads.  There’s nothing more authentic than a gay dude wailing on gay people.  He must know how deviant gay people are, he is one!

It’s like a black Republican shitting on black people, it’s the best of all worlds.

This Milo fuck is not about free speech, he’s about propaganda and spectacle and instigating racist bullshit and hatred.

Fuck that dude, he needs a dirtnap and a bloody one at that.



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