Zuckie like Goldman — donate to both sides and win all the time!

Headline from Huffpo:

Facebook Donates Some $100,000 To CPAC, Reminding Users Again That It’s Not Liberal

It’s simple minded to think that corporations will choose sides in American politics.  It may happen once in a while, but most companies are giving money to preserve their business model, whether that’s their reputation or their view on what taxes should be.

So Facebook goes the Goldman Sachs route because it has the money to do so — give money to both parties to look even handed as they’ve been accused of being anti-conservative, which is not good for a business such as Facebook.

But these CPAC pricks are the worst of the worst.

Excerpt 2:

“Our involvement is not an endorsement of any particular position or platform,” the spokesperson said.

Until they need a favor or a change to a position or a platform.  That’s how you win, ply both sides with money and call in your favors when you need them.


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