Trump’s pottymouth friends!

From Slate here:

The political consultant’s night of horrific Twitter messages began when a Twitter user who identifies as Caroline O under the handle @RVAwonk, asked Stone if he knew “what libel is” in response to him pushing Trump’s assertion that he was the victim of a wiretap operation by Obama. “Bring it! Would enjoy crush u in court and forcing you to eat shit-you stupid ignorant ugly bitch !” he wrote in the since-deleted tweet.

Trump’s friend and adviser Roger Stone, a real classy foul mouthed asshole.

Lash out much??

I think El Trump-o and his minions thought they were gonna roll into Washington DC like the Nazis rolled into Poland.  Not that their Nazis, mind you.  But as they’ve gotten bogged down in bullshit and their own incompetence (and let’s not forget these stupid campaign promises they’re obsessed with) some tempers are starting to flare.

Apparently El Trump-o himself is bigly mad and nobody wants an angry orangutan in the White House!!!  Somebody get that monkey a banana so he can use that as a phone and have some privacy to talk with his hookers.

And fuck this Roger Stone dude and I won’t stoop and say something foul about his whore wife.


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