Did the Wall St. bailout coddle the banks?

From CNBC here:

When it comes to policy, the inherent message is often just as important as the implemented details. And the message for years has been all about what the government or society owes the people when it comes to health care. We haven’t heard much about what the people owe themselves and society.

When I hear these Republican financial assholes talk about personal responsibility and how nobody owes anybody health care I wonder if they understand what a bunch of hypocritical shitbirds they are.

Shouldn’t those Wall St. banks have taken responsibility for the mess they made and then cleaned it up without the help of Uncle Sam?

Who owes this special collection of assholes anything?  What do they owe us or society?

C’mon peckerhead, tell me how health care for people is not owed to them and tell me how the hundreds of billions of dollars to help Wall St. was a totally different situation.


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