Go ahead ya fuckers Part 2!

From CNBC here:

Rep. Ted Yoho told CNBC on Thursday that of the 1,800 calls from voters he’s received in the last 48 hours, only about 30 were in favor of the GOP plan. The Florida Republican said he will vote “no” on the bill, because it doesn’t fully repeal Obamacare.

A Quinnipiac University poll revealed that just 17 percent of voters support the bill and that 46 percent say they will be less likely to vote for their U.S. senator or congressman if they vote for the GOP replacement plan.

If we had a sensible democracy based on the wishes of Americans, Obamacare would get fixed by moving it to the left — either capping insurance company profits or having Uncle Sam negotiate drug prices, all manner of money saving ideas.

But the magic bullshit machine has decided that Americans want less and more expensive healthcare and that’s why it’s called the magic bullshit machine.  The Republican magic bullshit machine thinks Americans want this twisted, nonsense ‘freedom’ of a free market, profit driven healthcare system.

Americans want to get good healthcare at the lowest price possible.  The Obamacare exchange model did not produce affordable prices but folks haven’t been begging for more ‘freedom’ in the form of higher prices and less care.

So go ahead, you fuckers!  Repeal the shit and see how it goes.


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