Hurray, the circular firing squad continues!

From CNBC here:

A White House aide made an unusual move Saturday by publicly urging voters to oppose a congressman from President Donald Trump‘s own party.

Dan Scavino Jr., director of social media for the White House, called on Michigan voters to “defeat” Rep. Justin Amash, a Republican House Freedom Caucus member and a frequent Trump critic.

I hope everybody is enjoying the post-healthcare klusterfuck grudge match between two world class groups of assholes.

You have to appreciate just how delusional Trump is here.  He’s pretending like he’s some super popular President that can move primary elections cuz he’s getting so much shit done.

In fact, he’s weak as shit, he’s nothing more than a mouth right now.  These Freedom Caucus dudes know this and are building their political careers by tangling with him.  It makes him look even weaker.  What ‘victories’ he has are due to his executive orders and there is a growing list of defeats.

This could not be any more entertaining and will go a long way to making America great again.


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