Maybe Uncle Sam needs to regulate medical procedure prices

From CNBC here:

Bush argued that “what would be better in a free market is the market goes down to where (the uninsured) are, and the market creates (health insurance) products they can afford that they like that they buy.”

The lack of a market creates higher costs, Bush said. He cited athenahealth statistics on the cost of a mammogram in Massachusetts, which ranges from $450 to $1,800.

“Same equipment, same machine, same image comes out. But if you go to the $450, youdon’t keep the $1,000,” he said, adding that no one knows what the cost of the procedure is.

This is not a free market, this is an inefficient, unregulated bullshit market.

On an ongoing basis it is assumed by both our political parties that it’s okay to give Americans less service for more money or some version of that.  That’s what has happened with Obamacare and that’s what the knucklehead Republicans offered.

It’s no coincidence that there is never any discussion of fixing medical costs as a way to get Americans more care for less money.

It’s never less money for the American corporation and almost always more money for Americans.  And both parties wonder why they’re hated.


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