Stock market to digest trillions in a rally based on fake news and bullshit

From CNBC here:

Leon Cooperman, chairman and CEO of Omega Advisors, expects the market to be flat through the summer due to uncertainty over President Donald Trump’s economic agenda.

“It is time for the U.S. equity market to rest,” Cooperman wrote in the April 7 letter to clients.

If these assholes had any conscience whatsoever I would ask how they sleep at night, but they don’t have any conscience.

To use the phrase that lingers in the air following the Trump victory, this stock market rally is real and the profits booked are real but it’s all based on ‘fake news’!!!!

This is supposed to be the great economic wisdom of America and it’s really a giant Magic Bullshit Machine that makes money out of fake news and promises from a half demented orange haired rapist/retard.

This is not an exaggeration — if we had a stock market based on reality it would rally as the righteous Trump agenda gets rolled out and people readjust stock prices to reflect changes in the the economic conditions in our society.

But as we can now plainly see Donald Trump’s Presidency is a giant, orange turd floating in a toilet bowl — there is an agenda but it has no momentum and it has a confused bully at the helm who was once described as ‘the business President’.

This is a half assed, bullshit stock market run by fantasy addicted fucknuts.


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