Bill DeBlasio flies his fake progressive flag (again)!!

From the Daily Beast here:

The New York Police Department is reportedly coordinating with federal immigration officials, informing them of undocumented immigrants’ court appearances despite the city’s vow as a “sanctuary.” The process is allegedly carried out as the NYPD attempts to verify warrants. Public defenders recounted their experiences to the New York Daily News, expressing shock that the NYPD was already in contact with federal officials before their clients appeared in court.

What a big mistake I made thinking that DeBlasio meant what he said when he stood up to Trump.

I’m sure he’s gonna hit the podium any minute now claiming we, the great welcoming city of New York, is a sanctuary city even though the NYPD is contacting Trump’s deportation machine during the judicial process.

And the Democrats wonder why progressive people fucking hate them.


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