The problem with Obamacare that’s not Obamacare’s fault

From CNBC:

CareFirst CEO Chet Burrrell told the Washington Post, “What we’re seeing is greater sickness levels. The pool of beneficiaries is becoming sicker, in part because healthier people are not coming in at the same level we hoped.”

What’s better for insurance companies is for sick people to not get treated and for them to have healthy payers that don’t require care.

That’s the insurance business.

But for society, it’s good for sick people to get healthcare because they become healthier than if they don’t have care.

So, of course the Republicans put these facts in the magic bullshit machine and decided that the best thing to do for Americans is to work towards making it more difficult for sick people to get treated.

Which, coincidentally, is more profitable for insurance companies.

People need to differentiate between the healthcare/insurance business and what healthcare does for a society outside the realm of dollars and cents.


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