Uber shorts drivers by millions, it’s all a credible ‘mistake’

From Bloomberg here:

Uber Technologies Inc. said it underpaid its New York City drivers by improperly calculating the company’s share of passenger fares, and will pay out an average of $900 per driver in restitution, costing tens of millions of dollars.

The back pay could run at least $45 million, based on the approximately 50,000 drivers the Independent Drivers Guild says work in New York City.

The ride-hailing company has previously misled drivers about how much they could make and miscalculated fares.

What we know about Uber is that the company operates at the highest ethical levels so if they shorted drivers by almost $50 million it must be some innocent mistake.

The head of Uber, Mr. Trevor Kalanick (pronounced Colonic, as in warm water flushed up your ass) has created an enviable corporate culture at his fantastic company.

Uber is the best and they never fuck anybody over.


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