Wall St. admitting it rallied on Trump con job?

From CNBC here:

“There might have been too much optimism as to what the hard data will deliver,” said Ed Yardeni, head of Yardeni Research. “After the election … nobody wanted to bet against (Trump’s) predictions that his policies could revive economic growth to 3 or 4 percent. I think it’s looking more and more like a stretch, if nothing else (because) his policies aren’t going to be implemented anytime soon.”

Once again we see the power of hot air.

And for those keeping score at home, this giant rally based on nothing but an Orange Haired Idiot’s pronouncements has made real money for those at the top, and an awful lot of it.

Score another for those in charge — no money from increased jobs or wages for the little guy and mo mo money for the folks at the top.

Quelle surprise.


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