Where would Memorial Day be without John McCain whipping some war fever?

From the Guardian here:

Asked to evaluate the threat to global security posed by Putin, McCain said: “I think he is the premier and most important threat, more so than Isis.”

McCain said that while Isis “can do terrible things and I worry a lot about what is happening with the Muslim faith … but it’s the Russians who tried to destroy the fundamental of democracy and that is to change the outcome of an American election”.

McCain said that he’d “seen no evidence [the Russians] succeeded but they tried and they are still trying to change elections”.

Let’s have a war with Russia, that sounds like a great idea!

And let’s appreciate the total lack of awareness of 99% of the American political establishment in never acknowledging the myriad of times when America has meddled with elections and elected leaders.

Didn’t Obama help topple a democratically elected leader in Egypt and install a dictator?

I think so.


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