Wow, Ivanka is as batshit crazy as her rapist father!

From CNBC here:

“One of the things that I value about my father, as first a businessman and now as the leader of our country, is that he curates ideas and he likes to hear from people with divergent viewpoints. And that’s not always true in politics. It’s actually seldom true.”

First off, I don’t know what fucking planet Ivanka is on but I have seen the Orange Fucknut curating his Twatter account and not much else.  He bullies these guys, he bullies these guys, he caves and then gets pissed, she’s so far off on this it’s funny.

Ivanka, honey, don’t break the pills in half, take the whole fucking pill because you need to come back to reality.  And make sure your asshole dad takes his senior Geritol.

By the way, you are an accomplice, your own dad is using you to put a pretty face on all the horrible shit he traffics in.  Deal with it instead of pretending.


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