Where is the proof of Pelosi’s masterful legislation?

From NBC News here:

“You want me to sing my praises?” she asked defiantly. “Well, I’m a master legislator. I am a strategic, politically astute leader. My leadership is recognized by many around the country, and that is why I’m able to attract the support that I do.”

If she puts forth Obamacare as proof of her masterful legislation skills then she’s more than a bit fucked in the head.

If Obamacare was masterfully created without and individual mandate and all the other aspects of it that have caused massive political backlash, and if premiums got under control as promised then there would be no opportunity for the Republicans to do what they’re trying to do to it now.

Fact.  If it was more popular they wouldn’t fuck with it.

And as for her political astuteness, did she blindly support Hillary Clinton?  How well did that turn out?



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