Nancy Pelosi should stop calling herself a master legislator

From CBS News here:

“I’m a master legislator,” she said. “I’m experienced in terms of knowing the institutional memory of the Congress. If Hillary Clinton had won, I might have gone home. But with Donald Trump in the White House, with a Republican majority in Congress, no way. “

This is part of the delusional Democrat shit that keeps these folks losing elections.

Where is her masterful legislation?

Is it Obamacare?  We’ve covered that.

Is it Dodd-Frank, which was partial Wall Street reform that a lot of people on Wall Street think has not been very effective?

I’d really like to see a list of these amazing laws Pelosi has passed.  If she had been smart enough to put a public option in Obamacare, I don’t think we would be on the threshold of seeing Obamacare get castrated.

But they were too stingy with Americans and that opened the door to repeal.


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