Who’s a bigger douche: Zuckie or Kalanick?

The illest thing Mark Zuckerberg does is to pretend that he’s on some giant social mission to connect us all and address the problems of the world when he in reality he’s the head of a large internet advertising company.

He desperately wants to feel like his giant spying machine is accomplishing something besides making him ass rich.  It’s more than a little bit sad but it’s also extremely offensive and delusional in its own way.

Trevor Kalanick, founder of Uber and recent casualty, is an over aggressive, sexist liar fuckface but he didn’t pretend to be anything other than that.  In fact, he kinda wore it on his sleeve which is a personal choice.  Kalanick broke many laws and regulations in the course of building his still money losing car service and he was a total dick along the way.

Regular readers know how I’ve celebrated Kalanick’s downfall — fuck him and his bullshit and he got what he deserved.  However, I’m gonna vote Zuckerberg the bigger douche so you know he’s one giant ass cosmic douche if he beat out Kalanick.


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