Once again proving the Trump’s greatest skill is stirring the shitpot!

From CBS News here:

The Economist poll also examined how Americans are responding to the president’s prolific (and often controversial) use of social media. Fifty-two percent of Americans polled said the president’s tweets since taking office have been “mostly negative,” while only 13 percent said they’ve been “mostly positive.” Thirteen percent described them as “mostly neutral,” and 22 percent werent’ sure.

Respondents were particularly critical of the tweets Mr. Trump sent last week insulting the intellect and appearance of MSNBC journalist Mika Brzezinski. Only 18 percent of Americans said that outburst from the president was appropriate, while 69 percent said it was inappropriate.

During the campaign this shit talking was a major asset as it pulled media coverage towards him and starved his opponents.

Now that he’s President his shit talking is now just something to be endured and he shows very little interest in doing anything except ‘winning’ and talking more shit about women.

I don’t know how this fucker sleeps at night.


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