Paid for by Joe Biden and Cory Booker 2020!

From CNBC here:

“In 2020, there will be a market for an antidote to him,” Axelrod said. That points toward a quieter, more thoughtful approach that places a higher premium on governing experience.

“There will be a receptivity to someone who offers big ideas about how to insure a fair shot and economic insecurity for the broadest number of Americans in a rapidly changing economy, rather than promising a return to an irretrievable past,” Axelrod said. “There will be a market for a more healing and unifying figure who can speak to our common values and concerns as Americans rather than mining resentment and sowing antagonism.”

If he’s right, harsh denunciations of the wealthiest 1 percent won’t prove the most effective Democratic answer to Trump’s denunciations of illegal immigrants. That dynamic would give an advantage to potential White House candidates with a more consensus-oriented message, such as Joe Biden or Cory Booker, rather than Sanders or Warren.

Let’s even bring back Hillary Clinton because her approach has been so successful!

There’s always a reason why real change can’t happen and why changing around the edges occurs (Obama, ahem).

Of course, changing around the edges is exactly what brought on Trump but these subtle ideas are lost on the fake progressive, ‘thoughtful’ people.

Anyway who says this situation sucks and it must change is not thoughtful and not understanding the complexities of a particular situation.


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