Shouldn’t bank honcho be embarrassed that he’s been key in bringing on garbage politics???!!!

Much ink was spilled this weekend over Jamie Dimon’s statement that he’s almost embarrassed to be an American due to our dysfunctional politics.

Our politics are an embarrassment but if one were to make a list of the 25 people most responsible for creating this situation I would put Dimon on that list.

Income inequality and the economic desperation of tens of millions of Americans surely helped bring on this bullshit.  And in this regard Dimon has driven the bus as his bank, JP Morgan, made $26 billion last year, the most ever for a bank.  It is the job of that bank to help the rich get richer and he’s committed to that.

When income inequality and the have nots get to this point you get strongmen and you get ridiculous politicians, the very thing Dimon is bitching about.

The punk ass bitch Dimon should look inside and be embarrassed at the absolute cluelessness as to his role in this shitshow.



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