2017 Honorable Mention Pick 7

Dead Ranch: Brumation (No List Records, 2017)

Regular readers know of my inner toil regarding heavy metal singers.  I don’t like the cavemen, nor do I like the epic and operatic high range classic metal singers.  I like this singer a bunch, he works for me.  He’s a little punk, a little post-rock, and a little metal in places.  There are places where he has a little Kurt Cobain working.

The guitar player is similar in his styles — he’s got some punk, some post-rock, some classic hard rock, and some metal in his playing.

That’s the formula, blending these various sub genres but at the end of the day are tunes good and is the music fresh?  Yes is my answer.  While I often bemoan shiny music custom aimed at the heart of alienated suburban youth, this is high quality shit for the fringey upset folks in Westchester county, Chicago suburbs etc.

Nice sounds and tones, really energetic playing and a really good singer.


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