Why no numbers on this white loser march?

Nobody in any position of authority in the news is putting a number on the fucked in the head loser Nazi jizzballs who came to this march yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I see on many interwebz sites that the Charlotte Police Department expected between 2,000-6,000 but no post march estimates.

Jamelle Bouie at Slate says there were hundreds of white nationalists there.

It’s borderline incompetent to not give a clear picture of how large this group was and I think media organizations sense the opportunity in getting eyeballs their way by making this seem like some huge march.

This also follows in a long American tradition of overestimating our enemies in order to justify whatever agenda is being propagated.  I never saw ISIS as being numbered above 30,000 fighters (and that was probably exaggerated by the Spooks) but we acted like it was the end of America.

Nobody should in their right mind make these guys out to be more powerful than they are as they are fucking losers.  They have the right to be racist but to fall for such a simplistic view that the problems in their lives have to do with blacks and Mexicans and gay folks and women is just absolutely fucking lame.

Not that it’s great that hundreds of wannabe Hitlers hit the streets but we should have some perspective.

I was watching a PBS history show last night that said that the KKK peaked in the 1920’s with 5 million American members.  The 1930 American census had the American population at 122 million so that’s a lot of racist assholes.

We can discuss Trump’s reaction to all this at some later point but please let’s have some perspective and demand more from the folks who are supposed to inform us.


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