What fueled the initial rise of the Nazis?

From here:

A huge segment of the population of the United States is filled with hatred so intense they actively want a vastly more authoritarian government that will shove that hatred down the throats of the left. They want fascism. They’re hungry for it, whether they call it that or not. In the kind of Orwellian doublespeak this administration has become famous for, they call it “liberty” or “freedom” or “American values”, but they’re talking about hard authoritarianism. They’re talking about fascism.

While there is a large racial component to the Nazi legacy, it is the economic humiliation heaped on Germany after World War I that triggered the initial Nazi rise.

So while I see tons of folks arguing whether Trump’s are acting out of racist motivations it is the economic humiliation created by globalization that sparked Trump’s initial rise.  Make America great again can either be I want my fucking job back or make America white again, but the problem with the latter is America has never been fully white.

If you ask me what is so far up the ass of hardcore Trump supporters it is the economic humiliation they’ve endured.  Trump cashed in on that.  They have foul, foul asshole views on race but if they had good paying union jobs he wouldn’t have risen.


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