How come big investors can say this without being called hippies or communists?

From CNBC:

Capitalism is killing the planet and needs to change, says investor Jeremy Grantham

“Capitalism and mainstream economics simply cannot deal with these problems. Mainstream economics largely ignore [them],” Grantham says. “We deforest the land, we degrade our soils, we pollute and overuse our water and we treat air like an open sewer, and we do it all off the balance sheet,” he adds.

This doesn’t seem fair (or rational) that people who have made a lot of money in the stock and bond markets get to speak their mind on the financial pages without being attacked and disparaged as tree huggers and hippies.

This must be the power of money.  So not only is money free speech in elections it’s free speech in the press and they’re free to say anything without getting shit tossed their way.

Bigly unfair horseshit I say.

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