If an old rotten tree named Pelosi gets chopped down in the forest….

From USA Today here:

WASHINGTON — A top House Democrat said Wednesday it was time for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her two long-time deputies to step aside and make way for a younger generation of leaders.

Rep. Linda Sanchez, the highest-ranking Latina in the House, first called for “generational change” last fall, but her fresh comments on Wednesday come at a time when Democrats are increasingly dissatisfied with Pelosi and uncertain about who could emerge as a possible successor.

My main protest against Pelosi is her delusional thinking regarding what she calls her masterful legislation — Obamacare and Dodd Frank Wall St. ‘reform’.

It’s too hot to get into the details but if Obamacare had a $100 month public option or if Medicare been expanded to any American that wanted it, it would be Hillary Clinton sitting in the White House for sure.

My wife and I have had Obamacare since day 1 and day 1 was its best day for sure.

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