So if the Confederacy was treasonous what does that make people who support it today? Treasonous, no?

From the Bulwark here:

Make no mistake: The secession of the Southern states in 1860 and 1861 was an act of treason. Lincoln saw it as such; Grant did, too. Whether one views the Civil War as a tragic mistake or act of outright betrayal on the part of Southern leaders, it is impossible to ignore that the military and political leaders of the Confederacy betrayed their oaths to the United States Constitution.

I don’t see how supporting Confederate statues and racist ideas held by Confederate leaders can be argued as patriotic in America in 2020.

Please explain this to me.

I get the idea that the nation had to move forward but skeptical folks can see how moving forward without dishonoring those people forever resulted in Jim Crow and all sorts of suffering for generations of Americans.

Seeing Confederate leaders as patriotic in 2020 involves seeing African Americans as not fully American and that’s what caused riots in the streets last month and why statues are being thrown in harbors.

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