NYPD Police Union and Qanon! All you need to understand their demented anti-human mental state.

From :


First of all that’s no coincidence.  That mug didn’t just randomly fly in to his office cabinet.

Secondly, this Qanon shit is not just a conspiracy theory, it’s full on fucked in the head.  Anybody who opposes Trump is part of a deep state conspiracy against the Pumpkin led by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

It’s fucking mental.

Of course, Bill De Blasio, if he wasn’t a complete man-gina would make some political hay and actually do something politically with this.  If Barack Obama had a mug on his office cabinet praising the Black Panthers undies across America would get bunched quite severely!

I guess De Blasio is too busy going to the gym to get his workouts in to actually take on batshit crazy cops.  This Qanon-NYPD dude should be forced out of that job, that’s fucked up.

That’s no cancel culture, it’s just called ethics and reality based living.

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